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dA doesn't interest me as much and since we got a new computer it's a bit more difficult to draw with a mouse. I have mostly been drawing on paper but our scanner won't connect with this computer so I can't upload anything!

I am working on a The Legend of Zelda Doujinshi right now, but since this is my Pokemon only account, it will probably be uploaded on my other account or a brand new account entirely.


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United States
Hello there! Welcome to my page! I'm not giving out my real name, so you can call me Mew, Glitch, or Glitched.

I have been a member of dA for 6 years, except I decided to make this new account exclusively for my Pokemon art. In addition to that, my old account has a lot of old embarrassing artwork on it, so this account will only upload the newest and most high quality work I can make. ( As such, I may not upload quite nearly as much.)

I will still be active on my old account, but this account will be exclusive to Pokemon art only.

Now that that's out of the way, I'll tell you about myself. I'm a girl, and I live in America. I usually do Digital Art, but I do Traditional as well. I will more often upload Digital due to the fact that I am more experienced in computer programs, but if I had better tools I would upload more Traditional Artwork.

I have an admiration for Traditional Animation, like that of The Lion King, The Secret of NIMH, etc. My dream is to open up my own studio and bring it back someday, although it seems like with Don Bluth's recent IndieGoGo campaign to make a Dragon's Lair movie, there's hope for Traditional Animation after all!

My hobbies include drawing, singing, and playing video games. I mainly draw fan art. Anything of my own characters will be posted on my older account. I draw Pokemon, obviously, but my works are varied on my other account as well. I enjoy Pokemon, Zelda, pretty much anything nintendo, really, and I love classic games and gaming systems.

My tastes in music are varied. I listen to pretty much any song I like, but there are certain genres I don't like - most Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Screamo, and Rap.

One of my favourite artists is Madonna (I love her first two albums, but I haven't really heard much else. I'm not even sure if I listened to her entire second album!)

I also love the 80s, and pretty much anything having to do with the 80s. My favourite movies are the Back to the Future Trilogy, The Breakfast Club, and of course a number of the Pokemon movies.


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Happy Birthday :D
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Thanks JB :>
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holy crap your art is amazing~
Glitchedmew Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
<3 Thank you so much! It really means a lot. :>
SlNPrince Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2016  Student Digital Artist
no prob~!
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